Thursday, November 13, 2008

General Motors -- An Opportunity for Change?

General Motors has been in the news recently clamining that the company will not have enough capital to last them through the end of the year.  President-elect Obama wants to consider a bailout of this major auto manufacturer.  While it may be devastating to see this company go belly-up -- and I dearly love my Chevrolet Cavalier and have my eyes set on a Saturn SUV Hybrid -- maybe there is an underlying message here.

Buddha talked about impermanence -- everything in life is non permanent.  General Motors cannot escape this law and fact of life.  Perhaps we need to let go of things of the past in order to clear and pave way for better things to come in the future.  Will GM become a thing of the past like that of the Edsel only to remain in the memories of auto buffs?  Will a line of new generation automobile manufacturers emerge that will deliver us from the dependence of foreign oil?

Or, this will be good opportunity to get General Motors to commit to delivering and manufacturing more environmentaly-friendly, fuel-efficient vehicles, and delivering them to market at an accelerated pace, if America were to bail them out.  But, only on the condition that they commit and pledge themselves to this effort so that we can truly become dependent on foreign oil and, that they will make every measure to save their workforce from being outsourced (i.e. return jobs back to America).

In the book, cars in the 23rd Century are designed to get 500 miles on two (2) tablespoons of gas using vials.  Why wait for the 23rd Century?  I challenge automobile manufacturers to either match or beat this 23rd Century gas consumption standard now in the 21st Century.

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