Saturday, March 21, 2009

May We All Live in Affluence and Abundance

I commend the current administration for taking steps to create opportunities for green jobs that will put thousands of people back to work.

Unfortunately however, that’s not enough. Thousands of jobs is not enough to provide for the millions who have been displaced from their jobs and trying to make ends meet.

While politicians and the affluent live lavishly on their riches, millions upon millions in this country don’t even have enough of the bare necessities.

Where, then, is this land of opportunity? Especially for those who are playing by the book? Or, is this land of opportunity only for those who bend the rules, play dirty, and live by corruption?

Yes, the federal government will bail out the people with pennies, but it rewards pathetically failed executives with millions in bonuses. Where is the justice in this system? Where is the notion that “all men are created equal?” Are some men created more equal than others? Are some men in this nation, entitled to more privileges than others?

In this country there are thousands of starving artists waiting for their voices, their art, their works to be recognized. Yet, on the spur of the moment, a major publisher is quick to offer a $17-million dollar book contract for an inept former-president, the greatest embarrassment in this country’s history. Why do we continue to worship those who have harmed and tarnished the reputation of this nation by giving lavish book advances – especially when this person can’t even put a proper sentence together?

Why are people like Bernard Madoff, Nadya Suleman, and AIG corporate executives celebrated in the press for doing stupid and irrational things in their lives, ripping off people, and getting large sums of money for their notoriety or corruption?

People with far greater character, honesty, and integrity probably have a greater message to tell to the nation and the world, but are overshadowed by corruption, and dishonesty and these people are often silenced. Why? Because the greedy and warped minds of press editors end executives would rather print and sell dirt than honesty. Then, everybody wonders why we have such a bad image around the world.

The nation as whole must come to its senses. It must quit worshiping those who have failed the people of this country by placing them on pedestals and must begin to provide for the common good of all citizens of the nation.

We have a problem of providing enough just for the few. We need to reverse this practice and provide enough for the whole. That includes jobs and money. Let there come a day when everyone may live in affluence and abundance – not only in this nation, but around the world.

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